The Keos Collection brand is born from the desire of Fashion Designer Aurora Karuso to recall the tradition of Mediterranean cultures that have begun over the centuries through their domination in Sicily.
The purpose of this study is to transformer in fashion that which is her land.
Her style is based on craftsmanship of the product. Thanks to the knowledge of the manufacture belonging to the tradition, she wants to import, in a modern way, the preciousness of the “handmade.
The result of these studies and the particular creativity make its collections a unique product of high quality in the landscape of High Fashion Made in Italy.


is inspired by the Greek myth that involves a young woman skilled in weaving and embroidery that dared challenge the goddess Minerva in creating a tapestry. The goddess to revenge the defeat decided to turn the girl into a spider forced to weave her canvas hanging on a thread for the rest of her days.
The woman Aracne is a laborious and skillful woman but at the same time embodies in itself a dark and intimate side that is hard to notice. She is a sophisticated and elegant woman and makes her known to be enchanted by her style.


It is inspired by the Greek myth of Titans and Cyclops in Sicily; they are mythological figures representing the virtues and gifts most sought after by humans, granted to them by the Olympus’s divinity. The virtues and the defects of the human soul are, in these characters, exaggerated and exalted. Strength, courage, rebellion, majesty, imposingness, and art are the characteristics of these titanic figures. For millennia, fables and legends in Sicily, make some of these characters the protagonists, they are also expressions of natural phenomena. The fire and the lava are fed into the bowels of Etna by the forge of Vulcan; Acitrezza's shelters were thrown into the sea by the brutal force of Polifemo, son of Poseidon, with the intent of striking Ulysses; Kronos' love for Rhea will lead him to found the city of Zancle - Messina; the great fortified walls built by Orion defend the Island from the dangers that come from the sea. And so other giants such as Tifeo, Bronte, Arge, Asterope and Encelado become an excuse to inspire exaggeratedly the colors, the art and the intricacies of the stories that make up the texture of the fabric, inspired by the beauties of this island, placed in the middle of the Mediterranean, always loved and desired by so many domination.

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